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The Sydney Screenwriters' Studio   :   W O R K S H O P


Didn't get into AFTRS?

Finding the others too expensive?

Treat yourself to an affordable, accredited & life-changing, adventure!!! 

Stoneking Seminars in association with Screen & Media at Randwick Tech (SYDNEY), is proud to present writer/producer, Billy Marshall Stoneking, conducting an intensive, eight-week script-development workshop...

for screenwriters, writer/directors, writer/producers, producers*, documentarians as well as writers and storytellers from non-film backgrounds including journos, novelists, playwrights, poets and others keen to develop an original screenplay or story idea in either long- and short-form drama, as well as projects for the big and small screen, including interactive media...

limited to 12-15 participants.

Over 8 weeks, participants will:

Attain an appreciable improvement in their degree of proficiency in critically evaluating and employing the grammar of drama...

Develop practical and useful strategies for working as mediums or channels for character

Discover the centrality and importance of aurality and voice in the realisation of character. 

Acquire novel and thoroughy creative insights and intuitions related to subtext & context, develop an understanding of the methods and processes necessary for breaking through the "walls" in your story, uncover the secrets related to writing effective dramatic scenes, dialogue, and BIG PRINT.

Engage more usefully and vividly with theme & premise and  those strategies necessary for developing self-confidence and creative courage. 

Learn  the fundamental critical processes and principles of effective script editing

Producers with a project they are keen to develop or which requires a fresh look, are urged to apply and attend with the writer or writers with whom they are working. 

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a theoretical course. Participants will work on and develop their own original, project/story ideas and/or draft screenplays.


THE WORKSHOP will meet every Sunday from 11am to 3pm, starting on Sunday, 16th of October.   

Cost for 8 sessions x 4 hours ONLY $250.00 Cheaper rates for CentreLink participants.   


Please enroll in person at the Customer Service Centre, Randwick College

Opening Hours: 8:30 am to 6:00 pm and Fridays 8:30am to 5:00pm

(during vacation Mon-Fri: 9am to 5pm)  9469-8539   9469-8519 



For more details and info please contact

Billy Marshall Stoneking on 0437 864 487 email:  OR 

Huseyin Turem on 0425 261 667 or (02) 9469 8700  F: (02) 9469 8613   



                                     LET'S DO LUNCH

 Informal script consults

 with Billy Marshall Stoneking

In the course of writing your next film, there will be times when all you really want is someone you can sit down and talk to about the story, the characters and the process. You don't want a script editor or an exhaustive assessment; you don't want someone who's going to tell you it's great simply because they're your partner or because they like you. What you want is an honest-to-god conversation with someone that understands drama and the journey and terror of writing a dramatic screenplay, someone with whom you can air your anxieties concerning what you're doing, and who will assist you in uncovering some of the as-yet-undiscovered possibilities concerning the story that is trying to get itself told. If you're feeling lost in the project or doubting its worth, or suddenly lacking in the confidence you need to finish the next draft, book yourself in for a conversation and a coffee.

The popularity and success of this informal and inspiring approach to script development has already been phenomenal. Satisfaction guaranteed or you pay NOTHING. So, let's do lunch, eh? and talk about it.

Writers and writer/directors, producers, and others with a project at any stage of development are invited to book a consult now.

VENUE: Fundamental Food Co., Glebe Point Road, Glebe (across from Cornstalk Books)

Mondays - Fridays (by appt only)    

Phone sessions also available.

For bookings, contact Stoneking on 0437 864 487 or

write to

Special rate: only $50 per hour

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back






with Billy Marshall Stoneking

Short-form drama   (5-30 pages) – Flat reading fee : $60

Face-to-face consults (Short-form dramas and treatments to 6 pages)                                                                                                   

$80 per hour                                                                                                                                                   

$60 per hour (AWG, ADG, SPAA discount)


Short features    (50 -70 pages) - Basic reading fee $150.

Face-to-face consults (Short features and treatments more than 6 pages)

$100 per hour

$80 per hour  (AWG, ADG, SPAA discount)


Features    (90-120 pages) - Basic reading fee:  $300.

Face-to-face consults (Features)

$200 per hour

$150 per hour (ADG, AWG, SPAA discount)


Written assessments also available (by application)

LEVEL ONE ASSESSMENT  (Written assessment for any script)
3-5 pages : $750 (Discount)          $950 (full)

LEVEL TWO ASSESSMENT (Written assessment for any script)
6-9 pages : $950 (Discount)        $1,100 (full)

Example package:

for 105-page feature script (AWG Discount)
Reading fee                                                    $300
                   Level Two assessment                                    $950 
                   + Face-to-face (Q & A) x 2 hrs                       $300

TOTAL COST                                                 $1,550

To Book a consultation ring Billy on 0437 864 487  or